As part of fulfilling the normal requirements of their Course of Study in the doctoral program, concentrators will:
  1. take the seminar "Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of Religious Practices" normally during the spring semester of the first year of study
  2. undertake, at some point prior to admission to candidacy, a research experience or internship in religious practices, suitable to the concentrator's plan of study
  3. undertake, at some point prior to admission to candidacy, a leadership role in a religious practice; leadership experience prior to beginning doctoral studies will meet this requirement
  4. include specific questions on practices as part of doctoral (preliminary) examinations
  5. develop a dissertation topic that includes an element of research in religious practices or practical theology.

The Concentration offers special opportunities to:

  • participate in colloquia and consultations organized by the Initiative in Religious Practices and Practical Theology which will include interdisciplinary presentations and conversations on issues in the study of religious practices and practical theology; and to
  • apply for funds to support scholarship in religious practices and practical theology, including travel for conferences, teaching assistantships, research travel and expenses, and dissertation preparation.