Student Profiles

Students come to the Concentration in Religious Practices and Practical Theology from a host of academic disciplines within the study of religion.  Practices Concentrators join a cohort of scholars who are asking new questions about the ways and work of faith communities and religious practitioners in diverse contexts. Concentrators enjoy the benefits of the Initiative throughout their academic program and beyond. During their coursework, they participate in a doctoral seminar focused on Religious Practices and Practical Theology which investigates the various methodologies scholars of practice employ in their research. Throughout their studies, Concentrators have access to funding for their research through the Initiative. The benefits of the program continue after they graduate, and many Concentrators have found academic positions on account of the range of courses they are able to teach-both within their host discipline and in areas of practical theology and/or religious practices.

These pages contain information about Practices Concentrators from every stage in the doctoral program and illustrate the wide range of academic interest and expertise generated within the Concentration in Religious Practices and Practical Theology.